AVM Hawkins

AVM Hawkins is an American artist of Creole descent, living in Houston, Texas.  AVM Hawkins was born in New Orleans, LA as Ashley Vignaud Marshall.  In August 2005, after losing all of her personal belongings from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, AVM relocated to Houston, Texas to continue her undergraduate education at the University of Houston. In 2009, AVM obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston.  However, during her final year of undergrad, she regretted that she did not major in art. She ignored these thoughts, but pursued her love for art by working part-time at the Gite Gallery in Houston’s Historic Third Ward and by dabbling in art as a hobby through painting on small canvases, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.  In the Fall of 2009, AVM was admitted into Thurgood Marshall School of Law.  Ironically, in law school, AVM not only learned the practice of law, she also learned how to be an artist. The personal and mental commitment to pursue a law degree— utilizing solely her analytical logical linear left-side of her brain, day in and day out, seven days a week, created a vacuum within in her soul. The mental and emotional exertion and her internal conflict of being an artist yet pursuing law, drained AVM physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was during her mid-1L year in law school, where AVM experienced a breakthrough. AVM decided to channel and release all of her fears, insecurities, self-doubt, stress, and anxiety onto the canvases.   Due to this experience, AVM discovered how to create art by following her natural instincts, loving herself without conditions, without judgment, and without an attachment to the outcome. Once AVM embraced her need to create art, the resistance she felt in law school dissipated. AVM interned at the Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Inc. as a research assistant and then as a legal intern in their Pro Bono Property clinic during her 2L and 3L year of law school. In 2012, AVM was admitted into the Texas Bar. After a grueling juried / interview process, AVM was admitted as a 2018 Fellow in the prestigious John Ross Palmer’s Escapism Art Mentorship Program, where AVM created, showed, and sold her art full-time during evenings and weekends, while practicing law. AVM dedicated 2018 to transition into living her life’s dream to becoming a successful, professional artist.

AVM is one of the few abstract female African-American artists in the world. AVM’s formal training of law, provides her a freedom and courage to push boundaries never seen in art. AVM creates without fear and with authentic pure expression exposing the divinity and infinite possibility in us all.  AVM’s work is inspiring, captivating, always creating a new experience upon each glance. There is no one else like AVM Hawkins.



Abstracto 2019
11″ x 33″ (2 panels)
Acrylic and Oil Pastels on Canvas
Artwork by AVM Hawkins