Marthann Masterson

“As an artist I employ visual language to address my feelings with the goal of awakening interest and inspiring my audience. Layer by layer I manipulate a plethora of colors and materials to create immediate visual harmony and awakening a set of emotions, contained in the conscious and subconscious that takes the viewer to a special moment in time and space.

My paintings are often noted by the precision and elegance that defines the true essence, a passionate artist.”​

Rooted Renewal Exhibit

We (humans, nature, systems, the economy, the world, at micro- and macro-levels) are built to cycle routinely through life’s stages. It happens quite naturally, and, sometimes, as with seasons, or aging, somewhat predictably.

Within these seasons of normal, natural change, we have spikes and corrections — peaks and valleys — and can encounter unexpected, unknown territory and experience extremes. It is in these moments that extremes and contrasts may converge and from times of challenge that new growth may come forth.

This period has been like none in recent history, and as we emerge from an unprecedented time of devastation, growth, and renewal, spring forth from both newly planted seeds, and from the strongest of pillared, rooted systems.

Our roots and our renewal depend on each other — and work together — in systematic and, sometimes sporadic ways. The perennial and periodic processes of the growth of roots, forced and natural renewal, and the milestones met through both processes can yield a most artful result.

This serves as the impetus to curiously explore the interplay of artworks of two deeply rooted Houstonians whose experiences with renewal, recovery, and regrowth have served to inform and inspire their works.

Arts icon, David Adickes, and the multi-faceted talent Marthann Masterson present Rooted Renewal: an interplay of artworks, via examination of new and historic, abstract and figurative, and cubist and linear works created from the 1960s – the present.