Robert Meyers

Born in Houston, Texas in 1943, I consider myself as the unknown artist, mainly because my work is unknown. I begin doing art at the age of the six. We move from Houston to Los Angeles, California. In the 40s, here I went to elementary school and junior high, at this time art player a very important part of my young life. My teacher would always consider me as the artist. I was always the one chosen to work on special projects. In 1959 we moved back to Houston where I decided to attend Jack Yates High Scholl. My art teacher Ms. Willy Thomas took an interest in me as an art student and began to introduce to watercolors, tempera, and oil. Art history played an important part as well. The study of art was exciting to me. It was like being introduced to a new world. I knew then that I wanted to become an artist.

I studied under Dr. John T. Biggers and Mr. Carroll Simms. I had the opportunity to learn more about drawing, composition, technique, sculpture, ceramics and painting. I worked at night and attended classes in the daytime. In 1969 I was lucky enough to get a job working for United Airline, which was called Texas International at the time. I retired in 2005 from the airline and decided that there was nothing more I love than art. I decided to get serious about being an artist and now I create works day and night.