Born April 1st, 1984, Vincent Fink, twice Hunting Art Prize Finalist (largest art prize in America) and Talent Call Award winning artist, works out of his Winter Street Studio in hometown Houston, Texas where he tirelessly adds to a multitude of projects.

Among them, The 6 years (and counting) Atlas Metamorphosis project with vigorously detailed sumi ink drawings. These greyscale images spawned from a lucid dream and continue to garner accolades, but the most popular acquisitions are the colorful Iterations. This acrylic and oil paint series focuses on his love for surrealism and sacred geometry.

In addition, Vincent works on sculpture, freelance design, music, screen printing, motion graphics, and holds a degree in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Houston. He has served on Mayor Turner’s Quality of Life Committee as well as other committees within the Washington Arts District of Houston. Represented locally by Bisong Gallery, Vincent has shown his work in Brooklyn, New York, Austin and throughout the west coast.