Delaram Mowatt Exhibition

Delaram describes her painting style as “contemporary abstract realism”. Her understanding of color, value, form, edges, and light makes her artwork reflect the true essence of her subject. In addition to her figurative work, Delaram paints still life, cityscapes and landscapes using a technique that involves layers of sand to portray texture and depth.

Growing up with Persian culture, Delaram’s interest in art (drawing, painting, hand crafts etc.) started at the young age of five. Throughout her childhood she honed her creativity which she attributes to her talented mother whom was always busy making beautiful hand crafts, clothing, and stained glass. Taking after her dad, who is an engineer, Delaram also successfully achieved her diploma in Mathematics, Bachelors Degree in Applied Physics and Masters Degree in Geophysics and later on she started her career as a Geoscientist in the oil industry. Throughout her studies she continued to participate in professional oil portrait, and figure painting workshops taught by the artists that had always inspired her. In 2013, Deleram made the decision to pursue her passion as an artist full-time. She has since successfully exhibited her work in national and local juried art shows and galleries.

Her latest collection is available for purchase at Bisong Art Gallery.

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