Life Changes


By Rickale West

Mixed Media on Canvas, 36x48x1.5″

“Life Changes” is a layered mixed media work on canvas with colors that represent the all of the seasons. Life changes are inevitable just as the seasons changing. As part of the “Life is Life-ing” collection, this work is about being open and freely embracing the changes that are sure to occur in life.

“Life is Life-ing” is body of work highlighting uncontrolled layered abstraction, featuring multiple mediums to assist in creating texture and elevate the energy of each artwork. The layers represent letting go and embracing the unexpected changes that are sure to occur throughout our life journey. We are all layered and as we discover those layers in others as well as ourselves we learn how free and intriguing life can be.

The objective with the “Life Is Life-ing” collection is to stray from the previous practice of controlled abstract layered paintings and create freely layered abstract designs that illustrate various life stages or occurrences without controlling the outcome. The color choices for each work are intention to as a representation to that life event or stage. “Life is life-ing” is about embracing the darkness of life, looking forward to the joys, basking in the freedoms, and just going with the flow and letting life happen because life just be life-ing.


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