Digital Painting
Limited Edition 1 of 1 Canvas Print
24″ x 18″ x 1.5″

The yarrow flower represents bravery, protection, and courage also healing and good health. I created this self portrait after surviving a school shooting October 1, 2021. In my 11 years as an educator, I never thought I’d experience the school shootings I’d only seen on TV. Hiding under desks, sending texts to my family in case I was killed, walking through the broken glass and blood nearly broke me. As a black woman, we are always reminded how strong we are. Which may be true, but strength and courage come from knowing it’s okay to be weak, to cry, and give yourself time to heal. Although my principal was shot, no one died. Knowing I will never be the same again does not frighten me. It is an accelerant in my determination to be better for myself and a voice for those who have been muted.

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