Where emerging and mid-career artists can learn and grow together . . . Sharing their talent with the world.

Bisong Art Gallery is a fine art gallery located in downtown Houston’s historic Warehouse District.  We provide art collectors, art lovers, interior designers, non-profits and businesses the opportunity to buy original artwork created by emerging and mid-career artists. We exhibit a variety of mediums from paintings, photography, hand blown glass and sculptures.

See something you love?  Email us for additional information to purchase or request a viewing. 

About Us

Owner Carla Bisong founded Bisong Art Gallery in 2013 inside a 1300sqft loft located in downtown Houston Texas. She brings her love for marketing and art while providing a platform for artists and art lovers to connect. The gallery is deeply rooted in the community, hosting workshops, painting classes, art exhibits, fundraisers, film screenings, book signings, weddings and corporate receptions.

Art has the ability to inspire, uplift, and enrich a person’s life. Therefore, it is Bisong Art Gallery’s goal to be a platform that connects artists and buyers. Bisong Art Gallery believes everyone should release their inner creativity and everyone should have at least one piece of original art in their home or office.

Find your inspiration by visiting the gallery or attending our monthly painting classes, workshops and lectures including our popular “Canvas, Cocktails & Conversation.”

Upcoming Events:

Sat, SEPT 8: Vincent Fink “Archetype: Unknown”

Location: Bisong Art Gallery – 1305 Sterrett Street Houston, TX 77002

Solo Exhibit begins at 4:00pm and concludes at 8:00pm.

What is your personality other than a collection of experience? Some people say nothing is left when you take away all memories of self-identity.

As time goes on, more characteristics once thought to be simply “human” have been revealed to exist throughout the animal kingdom. As we study how emotions turn into habits, habits into behavior, and behavior into personality, we find the “person” in this word is not distinct from many other living creatures, especially other mammals. Vincent Fink sets out to explore some of the most fascinating specimens of this nature and extract their core being into a higher dimensional form, disembodied above their physically manifested avatar.

In a state of recapitulation, this artist has revealed life deeper than the flesh perspective. Via Sacred Geometry, he searches for an archetype that matches the essence of a chosen beast as his subject. He uses the physical elements associated with each Platonic Solid as a tool to extricate their awareness.

His careful use of color in each piece further defines the individual character’s aura, evoking strong emotional connections associated with them. For each surreal glimpse into the symbolic, we are also taken beyond explanation. This leaves the viewer to question what archetype(s) they identify with most. One of our defining characteristics as humans is that we have more power than any other species to choose which feelings or traits we want to accept into our disposition. We have the ability to rewire and select. Thus remaining fluid and undefined.

Archetype: Unknown | Artist Bio

Sun, OCT 07: Connections HTX Vol. 1 Launch


Location: Bisong Art Gallery – 1305 Sterrett Street Houston, TX 77002
1pm-4pm | RSVP Required
by Connections HTX


Are You Ready to Experience the Connection?

Connections HTX will host its official Vol. 1 Launch Experience Oct 7th, 1pm-4pm at the Bisong Art Gallery. The event will gather a diverse group of entrepreneurs, creative professionals and small business owners to socialize and become familiar with Connections HTX, future events and affiliates.

We create an ambiance at each event that stimulates social attractions to foster organic conversations. Our guests can admire and appreciate artwork from the Bisong Art Gallery while sipping mimosas and enjoying live music. The music, character art, good vibes and photo booth will let you enjoy and capture every moment.

Our signature game will be played throughout the event. The person to collect the most business contacts will win a $100 CASH PRIZE. We will have FREE MIMOSAS, FREE LITE BITES, GIVEAWAYS, CONNECTIONS HTX MANUALS and more. Parking and WiFi are FREE.

Connections HTX is looking to disassociate from boring networking events. Join us and experience the connection.

What’s is Connections HTX?

Connections HTX is a social club that creates relaxed, entertaining networking experiences for a variety of industries. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where people can learn and connect organically with others. Each event focuses on a particular industry; we invite top entrepreneurs from each niche to share their expertise on how to succeed in their field. The experiences bring together a diverse variety of industries that cater to entrepreneurship in the effort to build beneficial professional and social connections. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional or just love to socialize, this is your ideal club.

More Information:

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Bisong Art Gallery is a distinctive venue for local events in downtown Houston, Texas. The gallery is available to rent for various private events. Guests have held cocktail parties, receptions, team building painting parties, book signings, and political events to name a few. 1200sq-ft loft with exposed brick and concrete floors.  The space offers a unique atmosphere for intimate events. The gallery can accommodate 80 guests cocktail style standing (using indoor and patio). Email to request a tour.