Art Valet: It’s an eventful time in Houston’s Art scene.

Lauren Luna recently announced that she accepted positions as an art professor at Lone Star and San Jacinto colleges. Luna is known for her Houston skyline paintings and murals.

Luna teamed up with Carla Bisong, owner of Bisong Art Gallery, to form D.R.E.A.M. Affect Foundation. Their goal is to encourage minorities to pursue degrees in the arts by providing scholarships for high school seniors who plan to major in fine arts in college.

Luna and Bisong host an annual art auction featuring local well-known artists to raise money for the chosen student. The Second Annual Scholarship Fundraiser is Saturday, Jan. 18 from 5-8 p.m. at Bisong Art Gallery, 1305 Sterrett St. Visit their website,, for information on applying for the scholarship.

Redfin: How to Incorporate Art into Your Home

“Art does not have to match the couch. If a work of art moves you, buy it. The biggest mistake I see in homes are paintings being displayed too high on the wall. The middle of the painting should be at eye level.”

– Carla Bisong, Bisong Art Gallery

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