One of the greatest joys of being an art dealer is having an appreciation for the stories the artwork tells about the art buyer’s personality. The pieces they collect while traveling, the landscapes or abstracts that have a calming or adventurous undertones lead me to discover if a person is bold and unapologetic with their tastes or prefer peace and tranquility in their life.

Once you have visited an art gallery and selected The One, don’t make one of these common mistakes in your home or business.

  1. Hanging art too high – I’m not sure where this trend started, but I’ve seen artwork at the top of the wall almost touching the ceiling. It’s the most common art hanging mistake. Determine if you are usually sitting or standing in each room and select eye-level  accordingly. When hanging art above a sofa, keep the bottom of the frame or canvas no more than 12 inches above the furniture.

  2. Displaying a small photograph or painting against a large wall – Yes, Size matters! If you are unable to purchase one large piece, perhaps use multiple small pieces in an organized manner to fill the wall.  Consider using a larger mat or thicker frame to accomplish the desired scale.

  3. Inadequate lighting – Have you fallen in love with an artwork in the gallery but brought it home and it didn’t have the same appeal? Poor lighting will diminish the beauty of any piece. One example, if using ceiling-mounted lights make sure the light beam hits the center of the artwork when the fixture is adjusted to a 30 degree angle. The temperature of the light is important as well. Feel free to ask the artist or dealer which lighting is best to compliment your new artwork. They are happy to assist!