Mark Nesmith

Artist Statement
I spent my childhood days outside roaming the woods, bayous, and beaches of Texas. I’m the youngest of five born to a public school teacher. Our family didn’t have the money for Disney vacations or cable television. What vacations we took were to state parks and local beaches, or day trips to hike in the Big Thicket. My fondest memories of the people I love are tied to the landscapes of the South. This emotional attachment to the wilderness of my youth forms the foundation for my paintings. A combination of observation, memory, and imagination, two themes reoccur: the innate beauty of nature and the folly of modern man. Among landscapes expressing my love for nature are satirical paintings I think of as spinning yarns. Populated by wildlife personifying human traits, these whimsical tall tales reflect my unease with mankind’s relationship to the environment and tackle subjects ranging from war and peace to consumerism and our society’s growing reliance on modern technology and media. They’re often inspired by observations of people I meet in daily life and my years spent teaching and attempt to address the superficial trappings of modern life.

About the Artist
Mark Nesmith’s paintings and drawings have been included in exhibitions at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the Museum of East Texas, the Dishman Art Museum, the Museum of the Gulf Coast, the Texas Artists Museum, and the Mesquite Arts Center. He has shown work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States and has appeared in American Art Collector Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, the Austin Chronicle, the Dallas Observer, Empty Easel, Issue, the Lamar University Press, The Local Magazine, Off Ramp Magazine, Professional Artist Magazine, VIP Magazine, and more. Mark’s paintings are included in private and public collections in twenty-five states throughout the U.S.A., and overseas in Singapore. Notable collections include the Dishman Art Museum, Duke University, Grant Thornton LLP in Dallas, TX, Kansas City, MO, and Wichita, KS, The Honorable Ron Clark, Chief Judge U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, and the Lone Survivor Foundation. He is represented by Dab Art in Ventura, CA and exhibits with Bisong Art Gallery in Houston, Davis Gallery in Austin, TX and Third Coast Gallery in Galveston. Mark is currently the President of the Texas Artists Museum in Port Arthur.

“If Andy Warhol and Bob Ross had an inanimate love child, it would be a Mark Nesmith painting.”
– Rachel Williams, the Dallas Observer

“Impressionistic. Textured. Layered. Mark Nesmith’s oil paintings have the drama of all three, with one last surprising element: a wonderful stillness derived from his choice in subject matter.”
– Cassie Rief, Empty Easel

“…expertly crafted work that walks the line between traditional and contemporary.”
– Caitlin Greenwood, The Austin Chronicle

“…paintings with the boldness of a drawing with good line work and the scintillating quality of impressionistic paint application.”
– Blake Bertrand, Off Ramp Magazine