Sunshine Love

Born in 1974, self taught artist, Sunshine Love the artist known as Tiffany Craven a native of Bryan, TX who grew up in California and then later moved to the Houston, TX area. A mother of four and entrepreneur at its finest. She attended college at Blinn and then at Colorado Technical University. She then proceeded to her career in Human Resource management. In 2009, she started her business in tax preparation, HR &bPayroll outsourcing and Business development. She managed a career and business but something was still missing. Being an artist and displaying her creativity became natural and started out as a hobby. From a hobby the art evolved into displaying her art online and at pop up events. She believes with hard work and dedication anything is possible. Her mission and her brand as an artist are more than just what you see. She has a passion for art. For years she has been a versatile artist focusing on acrylic pour, resin art, and abstract artwork. She puts positive energy into every piece and wants each artwork to bring joy into every home that it enters. She believes that you should push towards your goals because they are never limited.