Bisong Art Gallery serves as a distinguished venue for a wide variety of both personal and corporate functions along with monthly, gallery hosted exhibits and painting parties.

This collection of photo galleries features past events held at the gallery that were open to the public. Private event photos will not be shown in this section.

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Paris. 1904. Picasso and Einstein walk into a bar. Humorous, contemplative and wholly imaginative, comedian and film star turned playwright Steve Martin’s play surprises and provokes. Jumping off from the notion that these two great men were close in age and in Paris at the same time, Martin leaps into a fantastical contemplation of what they might have discussed and who else might have joined them at the Lapin Agile bar. Read More…

Event Info: Nicholle Kobi: June 2 – Black Woman Art Series 2018

“Gorgeous Shades of Brown” “Carefree Yet Refined” is the manifesto that inspires everything that Maison Nicholle Kobi engages in since Nicholle Kobi opened her art and design studio in 2014.

The spirit of Maison Nicholle Kobi is filled with love of sisterhood and women.

Nicholle Kobi is a Black-French Artist, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Activist, mostly known for Black Women and Black Sisterhood Illustrations along with her fashion illustrations.