Resident Artist Craig “TheArtist” Carter’s painting entitled Black Plum was selected to be part of the 65th Annual GRAMMY® Gift Bag in collaboration with Puzzles of Color puzzle company.

Craig grew up on the southwest side of Houston in an area called Alief there weren’t a lot of positive options but creating art allowed Craig to escape his surroundings. Watching hip-hop movies such as Beat Street really inspired him to pick up the pencil and start drawing. It was something about the use of colors and shapes that the graffiti writer named “RAMO” used that really intrigued him as a young kid. Over time with a lot of practice, trial, and error Craig perfected his “style”. He specialized in creating paintings and murals for people to enjoy.
A lot of his concepts and inspiration come from showing African American culture in a positive manner. Representation matters by showing young black kids and teenagers they too can become artists and creatives.

Craig’s artwork has been featured in several magazines nationally like Taji Magazine, Urban Tymes Cali/International, Trapxart Digital Magazine (Dec 2020, Volume 9), Culture is Free Magazine, Blaque Canvas Magazine, Voyage Houston Magazine, and Creative Artist Magazine (Winter 21-22). Also International magazines & newspaper features like Bury Free Press, UK (2011), Art International Contemporary Magazine (2018) Solomon Star Newspaper (South Africa, Sept. 2019), Pitch Magazine (Issue 3, Oct. 2021), Marika Fine Art International Magazine (Issue 2775, Sept 2022).

His artwork has also been seen on Indio Beer Company’s “Do Your Thing” billboard ad campaign throughout the US and Mexico. NFL Super Bowl Committee (Super Bowl Houston LI, 2017). Direct Energy and Whole Foods Market.

His artwork has been exhibited at several galleries and museums like MFAH, HMAAC, Paschal & Hunter Gallery, Palazzo Velli Exhibition Hall in Rome, Italy, and William Humphrey Art Gallery in Northern Cape, South Africa.