Breath In The Night


36 x 72″
(Diptych) Acrylic on Hard Board Canvas
By Corey Haynes


Growing up, most of the “Black art” I encountered depicted Black people in conflict or struggle, with somber colors reflecting their experiences. However, as a child, I was captivated by bright, bold colors and rainy nights, where the streets and buildings reflected a beautiful, almost supernatural array of hues. Additionally, I have always admired the strength and beauty of Black women in all their diverse forms. My challenge became how to combine these elements and share my vision. My pieces are a humble attempt at this, featuring Black women with skin tones stripped away, allowing me to explore and play with color freely.

Born in Beaumont, TX, and raised as a military brat, Corey Haynes is a distinguished artist whose works are featured in Bisong Art Gallery and Trez Wine Bar. Discover his creations on all platforms at @collectionsbyCorey and As an educator, he teaches 3D art and ceramics to high school students. Corey is a multifaceted talent—artist, graphic designer,  celebrity photographer, husband, and father. His work has been showcased on Good Day Houston and in various publications

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