28 x 22″ Framed
Pencil on watercolor paper
By Andrew Blanks Jr.


As a Houston native hailing from Fifth Ward, my artistic journey spans over five decades, embracing roles as an artist, art educator, and track coach. After graduating with pride from Texas Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education, I had the privilege of learning under the influential guidance of Dr. John Biggers. Rooted in the cultural richness of my hometown, my work as an artist, primarily in watercolor, pencil, and acrylic, serves as a harmonious exploration of nature, the human form in sports, and nuanced portrayals of the black family and African American triumphs.

My creative expressions not only echo the influences of my academic journey but also reflect the distinctive spirit of the Houston community, particularly my upbringing in Fifth Ward. As an artist and educator, my canvas celebrates resilience and the diverse dimensions of the African American experience. Simultaneously, my role as a track coach adds a dynamic layer to my professional narrative, highlighting the synthesis of artistic expression and athletic mentorship in my career.

In the legacy I’ve built, resonating within both the art and athletics spheres, there exists a profound celebration of the enduring spirit within the African American community and the vibrant energy of Houston’s Fifth Ward, weaving together personal experiences, artistic exploration, and a commitment to fostering growth in others.

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