Cassandra Bohne-Linnard (Bohne-L)

Cassandra Bohne-Linnard (Bohne-L) is a native Houstonian who has been painting oils & acrylics for over 20 years. After retiring from the corporate world she dedicated herself to her young family and in this environment, her artistic creativity flourished. After creating “Freedom” an abstract oil painting of a blue butterfly, she was captivated by the natural beauty of butterflies and inspired to create art using real, preserved butterflies. Blue Butterfly Designs trademark slogan “the timeless beauty of real butterflies resurrected through art” perfectly captures the essence of Cassandra’s work. The butterflies used in her work are sustainably sourced from all over the world selected for their original unadulterated natural colors and beauty. Cassandra is a proud member of the North American Butterfly Association.

Creating The Work